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The header During this year's two sessions, popular science work has been paid attention, and the national scientific quality action plan has been included in the national five-year plan for the first time. However, our science popularization is not optimistic. After the nuclear crisis in Japan, some unverified rumors began to spread, and there were absurd "salt grabs" around the country. These phenomena show that our scientific knowledge is not enough, and public science has a long way to go. 's note Let science catch on The China association of science and technology released a survey in 2007 that found that only 2.25 percent of the nation's public had basic scientific qualifications. If this data is not striking, it was not long ago that a Japanese nuclear crisis caused a salt storm. Things like salt and salt have been played many times. Once the "tao chang li yi" "current break disease, cure cancer" and so on "medical skill" to fool around ten million people; "Health experts" zhang wuben touts the "food therapy" to make green beans, garlic, eggplant to be worth a hundred times, people crazy to rob... Why are we missing in life? According to the most popular popular science books, in 2010, the survey found that "the absence of Chinese book science books", and the market share of the popular science book market was less than 2% of the total book market share. In living memory, could say to the popular science books seem to be only "hundred thousand whys", published in 1961, say the name of science writer Ye Yonglie seems to be only in the 1980 s, and fang, squirrels will now. It was found that popular science books were also hard to sell in bookstores. The most popular are literary bestsellers, economic classes, tool books, and the most popular subtitles. The shelves of "natural science" are so cold and dusty that some books even dust. In addition to high-end professional scientific books on the shelf, most of the popular science books is for children, such as "the ask the smart", the book is filled with "why we sleep will dream" that question. There are also some books like "the world's best students are doing 2,000 mind games", which earn the attention of elite students. Reporters squat for more than an hour in front of the natural science bookshelf, where only one reader is reading a popular science book. The waiter said it was "not to be seen" and the best seller was a brief history of time. In the newsstand, popular science magazine is ignored. In the interview, the reporter found that most of the newsstands had no other popular science magazines except for "China's geography" and "China national geography". Boss heard reporters want to buy some newsagent popular science magazine, take out a "best selling" the discovery, on the cover of tearing eyes title "terrorist zombies in hunan village legend" the mystery of the ancient Andean stone building... Fang zhouzi believes that modern people read a lot of utility, "I hope to find work, life tips and shortcuts in the book. Science has never had a shortcut, and it can't teach people any tricks, so popular science books have never been on the bestseller list. Pseudoscience can go on, because pseudoscience will appeal to the heart, it has no bottom line, and does not follow any scientific laws. Many top science magazines have suffered a setback in the Chinese market. In the United States, the new era of Science and technology, a chinese-language version of Popular Science, which can be compared with newsweek, has been silenced. The popular science magazine "Newtonian world" and "Focus" in the UK have received lukewarm reviews from China. Last year, the national geographic young edition completely introduced the xueyou garden Chinese education media, xueyou Liang Xuequan garden President told reporters, from four years ago, they began to talk to americans introduction of copyright, but it was rejected, because americans see example, thinks the Chinese for "no need" scientific knowledge. For Chinese, popular science seems to be "useless". About clenbuterol, about melamine, about Sudan red, about salt... These "useless" knowledge, but want people to use the painful lesson to understand. The online active science squirrel will, on behalf of the adults who now pursue fashion to promote popular science. In the salt turmoil, their humor easily tell people, "(by eating salt intake enough iodine) must be an adult disposable eat at least 3.3 kg salt, also is 7 pounds six. In this way, iodine is replenishing and people are dying! Obviously not." More than 100 young front-line researchers and science journalists are dedicated to popular science and "make science popular" is their slogan. Hope someday that science will no longer be lonely, but become a fashion. figures Xu shanyan graduated from Beijing university of posts and telecommunications in 1968. The vice President of the China association of science and technology, secretary of the secretariat of the China association of natural sciences, is the President of the association of natural museums of China, tsinghua university and Beijing university of posts and telecommunications. ' Popular science should be everywhere Xu shanyan, a former vice-president of the China association of science and technology, and a professor at tsinghua university and Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, is the vice President of the China association of science and technology. In his words, "the participation, implementation and organization of popular science work for a decade and a half, experience a lot." In xu's view, the development of science and technology has not only the scientific exploration and discovery of science, but also the innovation of technical personnel of various kinds of engineers. More importantly, this discovery and innovation will continue to be applied to the public. Xu shanyan: scientific and technological innovation and the popularization of science, it is the development of science and technology "two wheels, the wings of birds". Science popularization is the meaning of science and technology development. The importance of popular science is also reflected at the national level. During this year's two sessions, the outline of the 12th five-year plan for national economic and social development was officially released. Where "in-depth implementation of the national scientific quality action plan, to strengthen the construction of science popularization infrastructure, strengthen the public science popularization" concern, "national scientific quality action plan" for the first time in a five-year plan of national economic and social development. Xu shanyan: in the new era, we should study the new ideas of science popularization. In my opinion, the most urgent thing is to change the thinking of work and establish the concept of "big science". The four subjects were once regarded as the whole of popular science, namely, "popularizing scientific knowledge, advocating scientific methods, spreading scientific ideas and promoting scientific spirit". But in xu's view, "big science" is not simply a process of education and spread, but a process of socialization and popularization of science and technology. Our misconception is that long time only use science as a kind of education, without seeing its application and practical significance. Xu Shanyan: for example, the spreading of science and technology information to the society and cultivate professionals of skills, promote rural practical technology and more and more extensive application of modern scientific and technological achievements, all of these should be included in the category of popular science. Compared with "four families" narrow understanding of the concept of "big science" more clear the responsibilities of science: science is not an independent industry, must be the government-led, the whole society to participate. Xu Shanyan: "big science" required by the state of science popularization in planning, regulations, policies and supervision and operation of the level of management, science content, perform their respective industries and departments such as the mass media, community service, enterprise products, popular science public service facilities and so on various departments should be set up to the public on how to spread the content of the scientific and standard. Science popularization should "pursue a practical effect", while disseminating scientific knowledge, methods and thinking, and focusing on combining production and life practice to improve the scientific literacy of the whole people. It is said that the shortage of funds and shortage of talents is a difficult problem for science popularization. But in fact, the most difficult thing is that popular science should have been everywhere, but you don't realize that it's just some scientists and media. In fact, popular science should be the conscious behavior of all walks of life. Science and life combine naturally In his dozen years in science and science, xu ran almost every village in the province, and he was most delighted that the vast majority of farmers were eager to get rich through science and technology. In rural areas, the spread and popularization of science has been especially effective. Especially in the 30 years since the reform and opening up, practical technology has been applied in the countryside. Xu shanyan: the popular science experience in the countryside reminds us of the popular science popularization which is closely related to the production and life of the people. Whether it is a school education or a science spread out of the school gate, the effect will be limited if it is simply drummed into the audience. In foreign studies, xu's impression is most profound: in some countries, popular science and life combine so naturally, can be seen everywhere. Xu shanyan: Japan is also an Asian country. There is no popular science law, and there are not many documents to promote science popularization. Japan there is a TV show is very popular with the public, this program used some, commonplace in life science and small problems, through the way of drama or comedy, in television, are fun and informative. Shanghai now also set up the science shop, customers can buy things inside not only, still can pass the store of volunteers, all kinds of science and technology knowledge, scientific service, some scientific stores can also solve the problem of science and technology for small and medium enterprises. The best science is in life. The topics and discussions that have been triggered by the Japanese earthquake are also an opportunity to do science. For example, it is relevant to the vital interests of the public that how to save themselves when earthquake occurs, how much radiation radiation is harmful to human health, and whether food "radiation" is feasible. The most effective popular science should be interactive Xu said that in the new era, science should adhere to the "four people", namely "people's popular science", "popular science popularization" and "popular science popularization". "Minsheng science popularization" refers to the popularization of popular science in the people's livelihood issues, so that people can improve their efficiency and production in the actual situation of life and production, and adapt to the needs of production and life. "Popular science popularization" is to improve the public's scientific and cultural literacy through education and practice, which is also the goal of the outline of the national scientific quality action plan. Xu Shanyan: a deeper is "people, popular science", namely the government-led, through science, to promote there are plenty of achievements of modern science and technology has been applied in more and more people, make people able to maximize the enjoyment from science convenient, affordable, joy and happiness. "Popularisation" is regarded as the "highest state" of popular science work: in the popular science popularization process of the whole society, the public is not always the passive recipient, but in the development of science and technology. The most "perfect state" should be "everyone is the receiver, the enjoyment, the communicator and the person who does it". Popular science is nearby, not intentionally, inadvertently, the effect is better. But at present, the popular science work also more to stay on the "people's livelihood science" and "intelligence science", "a lot of people still think science is just a few things, some scientific and technical workers also think, only oneself is the life science." This is the most regrettable thing for xu. Xu shanyan: the most effective science popularization should emphasize the interactivity of the public. The concept of "public understanding science" advocated by foreign countries not only refers to the public exposure to scientific knowledge, but also the public can participate in the decision-making of society in a certain scientific literacy. Some research institutes in the western countries, every year to send representatives to the mass organizations or community, introduce the significance of major national science and technology projects and research progress, and the significance of this project, in order to get the taxpayers' support. In my opinion, this is also a good opportunity for the public to approach science. chaining The name of qian xuesen cannot be abused On March 26, named after the "father of Chinese space" qian xuesen, school education with the characteristic of space agencies - qian xuesen youth academy of space in Beijing, with characteristic of 30 years in space science eastern highlands youth science and technology museum. The students will take the academy as their position to participate in the space science experiment and the creative design of aerospace products, improve the science literacy of the young people, and cultivate the ability of innovation and practice. For teenagers popular science work eastern highlands youth science and technology museum of 50 years old director Kim seng said, "we should start from teenagers interest, let them experience the fun of popular science, to downplay the didactic, let teenagers involved in satellite manufacturing and design, into the space institutes for experiments. We must not overuse the name of qian xuesen."