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Wangkang You: It is not easy to do the "last kilometer" of the popularization of science

Date: 2016-12-09 from: Guangming

The "last kilometer" of  the popularization of science is to make the people really enjoy the benefits of the science they need. The popularization of science is difficult, difficult in the most basic. As a public service, the service chain should attach importance to the end, attach importance to the details, attach importance to the public satisfaction, and pay more attention to the end. To roots, pay attention to the effectiveness and long term, by solving the "last kilometer" problem, the public science services, fairness, mass and long-term nature.


Science and technology information Landing. It is the modernization way to run the popularization of science "last kilometer". The use of the current mobile phone and the internet high penetration rate, all kinds of digital resources to accurately push to the people before, so that they can easily access to their own needs of the popular science resources, reading popular science content. The relevant digital resources in the community, rural electronic screen scrolling, interactive broadcast, improve the effect of science popularization. Along with the intelligent city, the wisdom community, the intelligent life unceasing advancement and vigorously constructs, will help the science popularization to advance rapidly.


The construction of the popularization of science venues and scientific and cultural sites is a more traditional but still effective way to run the "last kilometer" of the popularization of science. Some grassroots community through the construction of scientific auditorium, Culture Hall, the science and the grassroots scientific and cultural construction organically combined, with scientific spirit to occupy the popularization of science Highland, and expand the popularization of science propaganda position, guide the residents to accept the scientific values, to build a scientific spirit of home.


In the "last kilometer" running forward, we should pay attention to the personalized science services and precision. The individuation and precision of the popularization of science is the use of scientific and effective procedures to fully analyze the characteristics and needs of the popularization of science objects, to implement accurate recognition, accurate service, accurate management, so that the popularization of science from "flood irrigation" to "accurate drip irrigation" change. To make full use of the large data analysis technology, "using data to speak, using data decision-making, using data management, using data innovation", to accurately grasp the public demand for science, personalized science and precision services to provide support.


The rapid change of the times, in the background of globalization, knowledge and informatization, we are faced with new opportunities and challenges; in the process of modernization, industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization, internationalization in-depth development, we are faced with a new situation of the task; In the course of human civilization development, we are confronted with people, people and technology, people and society, New contradictions between human and nature, all of which urge us to consolidate the foundation of harmony and stability, transformation and upgrading, innovation and development--the scientific quality of citizens, prompting us to think and push forward the new breakthrough of science popularization work.


(The author is the director of China Institute of The popularization of sciences)