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  • The ministry of commerce promulgated the administrative measures for the exhibition

    General rules In order to strengthen the unified normative management and organization coordination for the exhibition work of the ministry of commerce, the principle of resource advantage should be fully utilized according to the scientific plan and key points, and the method is formulated. Second, the ministry of commerce held the exhibition should be guided by the scientific outlook on development, integrate the advantage resources, perfect the management rules and operational mechanisms, str

    Policy & regulation2017-11-08
  • Convention of International Exhibition

    International exhibition convention was signed in Paris on November 22, 1928, and by May 10, 1948, November 16, 1966, on November 30, 1972, the protocol and on June 24, 1982 and 1988 on May 31, the amendment to supplement. Chapter I definitions and objectives Article 1 : 1. The exhibition is a display, regardless of name, its purpose is to education Volkswagen. It can show the means by which human beings can meet the needs of civilization, and show the progress that mankind has made in one or mo

    Policy & regulation2017-11-08