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Exhibition Introduction

Comprehensive graphic panels and inspirational links provide context for the visitor, relating the exhibit to their everyday lives and the world of STEM. Through a mix of physical activity and problem solving tasks, visitors are encouraged to undertake challenges and experiences beyond the boundaries of their personal capabilities.
Key messages:
1. Technology can increase the potential of the human body
2. Nature is a great source of inspiration
Bionic Me has been designed to engage children aged between 5 – 12 years and their families, although the exhibition provides a broader appeal to fascinate and inform people of all ages. Different exhibits will appeal to different ages with elementary school groups pitting themselves against athlete’s with prosthetic limbs, while middle school children take on the challenge of computer interfacing. General visitors and families will enjoy testing the exoskeleton and jet pack together. Great opportunities exist for media exposure and sponsorship, as Bionic Me explores an extra-ordinary experience of life through the sensory world of technological enhancement.





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