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Exhibition design experience summary Zhao jingzhan 2014-08-26 16:09:51 If the exhibition is a film, the exhibition design is the theme of the film. Sometimes exhibition traders can put forward about the overall design of the requirements, and sometimes, the exhibitors may not put forward the design requirements and ideas, you need at this time the exhibitors joint decision after communication with the exhibition company design direction. Below are some of the exhibition design experience summaries: 1. Consider maximizing the utilization of the booth; 2. The shape should conform to the aesthetic orientation of the visitors 3. Modeling should consider the psychological flow and flow direction; 4. Look for safety; 5. The construction difficulty and cost factor should be considered Environmental awareness is part of it. 7. Rationalization of product layout. 8. Materials not used in the pavilion and relevant regulations. The use and selection of materials are also key in exhibition design. Some exhibition categories need to be composed, and a little exhibition and lively, some need to show technology, some need to display the environmental protection, and the need of performance arts or humanities or the social public interest, in short, is a test for the choice of material, the theme of the performance in this aspect, convention and exhibition company has professional advantage than the exhibitors. Modern science and technology developing rapidly, new material, new light source, new media emerge in endlessly, and in addition to the exhibition company can keen to provide exhibitors exhibition design trends and aesthetic orientation of the object, more can provide the exhibitors with cost saving method. Exhibition design http://www.demage.com/ Product booth decoration and exhibition use While Chinese products have always been cheap and competitive, there is no denying that the overall image is not much of a grade. In addition to the design and packaging of the product, many manufacturers often neglect the decoration of the booth at the exhibition - which can also have an impact on the product image. In some famous exhibitions, the stalls of domestic enterprises still stay at the level of "three boards and one table and two stools", wooden and uninspiring. According to the statistics, in the exhibition design of large exhibition, more than half of the visitors to the exhibition will stay for less than 8 hours. And a lot of foreign companies can effectively attract these buyers, and in a short time make the buyers very impressed by their products. In addition to the product quality and reliability, the exhibition display design is bold and innovative, and the design of the exhibition design is unique. There are three main types of display tools that are popular nowadays: disposable exhibition tools, circular portable exhibits and circulating rental displays. Disposable exhibition is general by more powerful and more creative exhibition engineering company right off for the customer, the selected material is wood, more advantage is that can adjust measures to local conditions, through protean beyond imagination, follow one's inclinations of modelling to fully embody the image of the enterprise and products. But the disadvantage is that once formed, it is not easy to change, and the single use price is very high, which is usually not used many times. It is usually due to the material very expensive, and the user does not have to have the material right of the equipment, which can be rented by the professional exhibition engineering company. Advantage is sturdy construction, equipment and durable, through steel stents makings of modelling, the 3 d visual variety and can change at any time, even in the same time, the exhibition also can change daily, deficiency is the price on the high side, is not easy to carry. The most commonly used type of portable display. This exhibition generally adopts the folding bracket by spraying elegant propaganda pictures, both the overall smooth lines without having to include traditional three side plate structure, can be manifested in the company's image and product information. This kind of exhibition has the advantage of price, easy to carry, the standard exhibition has disassembly fold and then one person can carry, very suitable for long distance transportation. In appearance, it can also change at the beginning of the structure's allowable range and update the image to match the new product. The downside is that the changes are not as varied as the other two. In general, for domestic general exhibition, suitable for the use of 3 kinds of portable display equipment, only few input can break the traditional way of image promotion, and used to follow, the best advantage.