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Experience in exhibition design

Experience sharing in exhibition design (the 2017-07-03 15:27:48) If the exhibition is compared to a song, exhibition design is the main song of this song, although there are other such as exhibition set up is also important, but the exhibition design is particularly important, you will build a house without a foundation of know you how to build the house, the success of a fair and exhibition design is good or bad it is inseparable relationship. Exhibition design, our products are very cheap and fine, but the image and the grade of the products in feeling or less, so now a lot of exhibitors have noticed this, to be on the packaging and image design, but it ignores the participation of the booth decoration, in some of the most famous domestic exhibition, many companies booth is still a table three board plus two stool special mechanical without any new idea can't attract exhibitors attention well, but this foreign exhibitors have done very well, their exhibition design bold novel is very fancy, booth design and decoration, in particular, in a very short time to make a very deep impression buyers of their products. There are three main types of exhibition tools, circulating portable exhibition tools and disposable exhibition tools. In general circulation rent type exhibition usually they are of high price, because its material is more expensive, plus the user does not have to have the property of the equipment, is need to the exhibition company. It is sturdy and durable and can be changed at any time, even on the same day, even on the same day. Circulation of portable exhibition, generally adopts the folding bracket by spraying elegant propaganda pictures, both the overall smooth lines without having to include the traditional three side plate structure, can be manifested in the company's image and product information. This kind of exhibition has the advantage of price, easy to carry, the standard exhibition has disassembly fold and then one person can carry, very suitable for long distance transportation. In appearance, it can also change at the beginning of the structure's allowable range and update the image to match the new product. The downside is that the changes are not as varied as the other two. In general, for domestic general exhibition, suitable for the use of 3 kinds of portable display equipment, only few input can break the traditional way of image promotion, and used to follow, the best advantage. For one-time use exhibition is usually caused by exhibition company personally tailored for the customer to play, the selected material is wood, more advantage is that can adjust measures to local conditions, follow one's inclinations of the structures, to fully reflects the enterprise and product image. But the only downside is that once it's formed, it's not easy to change, and it's very expensive to use many times. In exhibition design certainly with the above arrangement is roughly the several ways of designers in exhibition design should first consider the cost of requirements, but also to the exhibition space, the size of the area of environment and so on many factors, I sums up general designer in the design of the time to consider: at the time of exhibition design first, want to consider it later in the exhibition building and safety of its construction difficulty and cost; Whether the exhibition design meets the requirements of exhibitors and meets the public's aesthetic requirements; During the design of the exhibition, the space of the booth should be maximized and displayed.