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PaPa's playground

TIME:2017-07-20 | CLACK:660

Let's play together!

A healing game with mom and dad!

It's more fun to wear bright colors to experience.


Children's scientists say -- "games are the most important tool for children's intellectual development."

Why is the game important? How to play games?

The exhibition prepares an emotional and physical experience exhibition. Different from traditional exhibition, exhibition experience through the story in every area, to play the imagination of children, and then let the children themselves set goals, improve the creative ability by means of playing games and self-improvement.

Overview of the exhibition: divided into three parts

1, papa bear camp

When papa was a little boy, it was interesting to dig dirt and sand. "It seems to be a little ant in the forest!"

2. Crazy laundry room

"Have fun playing in a crazy laundry!

Mystery closet world

"Amazing! Open the cabinet and see pillows and socks. Because of their soft and gentle texture makes us feel very comfortable. It doesn't hurt to fall to the ground, it stacks up and becomes the castle, putting the quilt on the rope and turning it into a tent!"

Exhibition time: July 20, 2017 -- September 19, 2017

Admission notice

1. Experience time and age of admission

The experience time is 90 minutes for children aged 2 to 10 years.

2. Can I get in without my parents?

In principle, children under 5 years old must be accompanied by their parents.

3. Entrance limit?

For a more safe and adequate experience for the children, no more than 50 people are advised.3.jpg