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  • PaPa's playground

    TIME:2017-07-20 | CLACK:660 Lets play together! A healing game with mom and dad! Its more fun to wear bright colors to experience. Childrens scientists say -- games are the most important tool for childrens intellectual development. Why is the game im

  • Discover mysteries of life evolution in specimen museum in Dalian

    The Mysterious Life Museum, located in Lushunkou District, Dalian in Liaoning Province, is a comprehensive museum including collection, scientific research and exhibition of plastinated specimen of human body, vertebrate and marine animal. A group of scientists and staff members used the world leading techniques here to make the vivid and incisive specimen, such as the skeletons, muscles, nerve and blood vessels. Some of the specimen may cost months or even years to finish. Therefore, the museum

  • More than 200 marine vertebrate plastinated specimens

    More than 200 Marine vertebrate plastinated specimens were sent toBejing from Lushun today. They will meet Beijing citizensin the next three months. In order to welcome these special friends,the Beijing Natural History Museum has been ready for a number of cranes. The news from Xinhua News Agency.At the same time, the Dalian EveningNewsand Dalian Daily and other mainstream media also carried a report on the matter. Tips: Because some Marine vertebrate plastinated specimens are huge, part of thei