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Liaoning Science And Technology Museum

Science and Technology Museum
Venue Introduction

Science and feasible.although in liaoning province is a set of popular science education, science and technology exchange, leisure is a body comprehensive science and technology museum, opened on April 29, 2015, is located in shenyang district wisdom, 159 third street, covers an area of 69100 ㎡, with a total construction area of 102508 ㎡, the underground part of the building area of 23691 ㎡, the ground part of the building area of 78817 ㎡. The main body is one floor, three layers on the ground, six floors and a total height of 31.9 m. Liaoning science feasible.although the popular science education function permanent exhibition created by children's science park, discovery, practical life cradle, industry, science and technology, comprising five exhibition hall and public space exhibit of exhibits more than 760; There are four kinds of cinemas with big screen, ball screen, 4D, dynamic flight, and a dream theatre. According to "the home, teacher," the idea, set up a chemistry, physics, mathematics, machine tools, electrical, robots, food science, such as 13 laboratories and multi-function classroom between 1, covers the basic science, life science and the frontier science content. The communication function of science and technology has set up 10 meeting rooms of different sizes, including science lecture hall, multi-function hall, video and experts. The leisure tourism function, according to the construction standard of 5A class tourism scenic spot, provides the public with an indoor and outdoor ecological environment and a popular science and leisure place.

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Add: No. 159 Intelligent third street, Hunan district, Shenyang