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Dalian jinshitan life mystery museum is located in the beautiful coastal city of dalian.It is a natural and comprehensive museum that reveals the evolutionary history of vertebrates in a more realistic, comprehensive and systematic way.By displaying the unique and extremely attractive biological specimens of plasticizing, reconstructed the over billions of years long and wonderful life evolution path, scientific, complete and wonderful life message, at the same time, the mystery of life museum with its new and advanced form increasingly become an important part in the field of biological research, is authoritative, functional, representative of one of the popular science education places.Dalian life mystery museum as the mystery of life is an important branch of science under the kingdom, as it was, in the nine years to carry more than its mysteries of life museum pieces through more than 40 countries more than 120 cities, hit a record of more than 4000 people visit.In New York, the life mystery show was named one of the top ten most visited cultural projects in New York by the New York times.After disintegration of dalian life mystery museum will no longer be the exhibition as a unique visual Angle, it will rely on all effective, intuitive and vivid form, using a variety of carriers such as books, audio and video products, arts and crafts full, rich, diverse life secret message.

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Address:Golden Stone Beach Cultural Expo Plaza,No.65,Jinshi Road,Jinzhou District,Dalian